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In the modern world, photography is spreading like a flood, invading even the most unexpected areas of life. Nevertheless, even though there are high-quality cameras widely available, a professional photographer’s work is indispensable.

Hardly anyone would be satisfied with photos taken and edited with smartphones or tablets for the most anticipated event of their life, the day of their wedding with their loved one. You, your loved one, your relatives and friends deserve more. Human memory is limited and cannot fully keep the brightest and most cherished episodes in life, and even more, relate them to others. And high-quality and creative photography by an experienced and competent photographer or photographers will allow you to always remember one of the main days of your life and, why not, present it to others in a worthy manner.

MyWed.am uses up-to-date and high-quality equipment, modern cameras and camera lenses, rich lighting, drones and other technical innovations. You can truly rely on our service, have fun from your heart and simply enjoy the greatest moments of your wedding, and then evaluate the work of MyWed.am photographers, carrying only the best memories to your future.

MyWed.am website offers you four packages of photo services, which you can see on our Price List Page: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each of them is designed to meet the diverse requirements of your wedding day. There are no good or bad options in these packages, but good and even better ones! All of this is for you!

Lightroom & Photoshop

Adobe software has been internationally recognized and widely used by photographers for many years. Adobe Photoshop (and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom) graphics editor has actually become the leader in its industry, and is considered a photo-editing standard that is still unsurpassed. Adobe Photoshop, the first version of which was released in the year of 1988, has been substantially expanded over the years and is currently widely used in web design, animation, computer games, cinematography and 3D graphics. It is widely known even among those whose occupation is not photography and design, and is rightly considered number one graphic editor worldwide.

The skillful and experienced professionals of MyWed.am have been using Adobe Photoshop (and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom) for many years to provide our customers better services. They sell their own photos in Adobe Stock, Shutterstock and other popular international stock websites, organize photo exhibitions, etc. In a word, they are very active in many areas related to their profession.

By trusting your wedding photos to MyWed.am professionals, you can be sure that one of the brightest and most important events in your life is in safe and responsible hands. You will be able to present one of the most outstanding pages of your life as a set of skillfully and masterfully edited photos to your acquaintances, relatives and friends personally or through social networks. And why not, you can enjoy them and even notice the episodes you have not paid attention to, but which the cameras of our attentive photographers have not missed.

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Wedding album

A personal wedding photo album, designed individually for every couple, is a relatively new service that has immediately attracted the attention of the newly wedded.

You can choose the format of your wedding album, the material from which the pages with photos will be made, for example: laminated paper, cardboard, plastic, and more. The cover is handmade and is prepared individually for each couple. It can be made of pure leather, imitation leather or another artificial material. The most important and most enjoyable part you are to do is selecting photos for the album. Do not worry about the possible options; our experts will eagerly help you to prepare your wedding album from start to finish.

The wedding album is the only wedding accessory you will have that will always accompany you after your wedding. Wedding souvenirs, bouquets, dresses, and everything else will become a history. And the electronic photos will not always be suitable for showing to your relatives, friends and colleagues. This is why wedding photo albums are made of high quality materials that can last for years and serve as a visiting card of your wedding.

On MyWed.am website, you can see samples of wedding album pages. Besides, the photographers from MyWed.am have ready-made samples, which can turn into a guide of making your own wedding photo album.

A personal wedding photo album is available in our Gold and Platinum service packages. Of course, you can order it separately, with your own photos, but we recommend you to trust your entire wedding process to our experienced and professional specialists.